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Civis and Johnson auctioneers are at the top of their field in the auction business. Ethical, accredited and experienced, and are professionals well versed in the psychology of selling. Their education, experience and networking capabilities stimulate competition among bidders, securing you the highest price per sale. You will get potential buyers through their experience with advertising, value and appraisal. Their auctioneers are trained to efficiently conduct sales of a wide variety of commodities from real estate to farm and ranch equipment to antiques.

Civis and Johnson Auction and Real Estate uses the three keys to a successful Auction:
1. Planning
2. Promotion
3. Sale Management

Why Johnson Auction Service?

Johnson Auction Service strives to conduct reputable and respectable auctions. As a proud member of the National Association of Auctioneers, as well as the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Cody takes pride in abiding by the principles and code of ethics set forth by both associations. Johnson Auction Service is also an active member of the Lamar Chamber of Commerce.

Cody is a graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering and was the recipient of the CAA's Troil Welton Memorial Auctioneer Award in 2016. He is qualified to effectively conduct the sale of a wide variety of commodities - from livestock, to farm and ranch equipment, to antiques and personal property.


The role of Johnson Auction Service goes far beyond simply conducting the auction on auction day though. From start to finish, we can take care of all your auction needs.

Planning & Preparation

Even before we sit down with you to sign a contract and select an auction date, Johnson Auction Service is planning and preparing for the success of your auction. From setup to settlement, we work with you to make the auction process as smooth and seamless as possible. We take great pride in setting up and listing a quality auction on your behalf.


​​Promotion is the key to getting bidders to your auction. Johnson Auction Service works with local and regional newspapers as well as digital media outlets to place your auction advertising in front of as many potential bidders as possible. The utilization of both traditional and progressive advertising methods increases your auction audience. 

Professional Management

As an auction management team, Johnson Auction Service represents the interests of the seller as well as the buyer. As a seller, you can rest assured our auction team will work to stimulate strong competition among bidders. As a buyer, you can bid with confidence knowing that we are committed to conducting a fair and respectable auction.


25525 County Road 31.5

Holly   CO   81047


Cody Johnson  (970) 630-1316

Jamie Johnson  (785) 332-4928

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 by Johnson Auction Service LLC

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